Tuesday, March 7, 2017

⚽️ 2017 AFC Beach Soccer Championship

The 2017 AFC Beach Soccer Championship was held in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia from March 4 to March 11. Two Southeast Asian countries participated in this tournament. These were Thailand and host Malaysia. Initially, Myanmar entered the tournament but decided to withdraw prior to the draw.

Below were the results of our Southeast Asian teams.  Malaysia was in Group A while Thailand in Group B. There were only three (3) teams in Group B after Uzbekistan withdrew.

March 4 | Group A | FT: Malaysia 3-5 Afghanistan
March 5 | Group A | FT: Malaysia 0-14 Iran
March 6 | Group A | FT: Malaysia 5-6 Bahrain
March 8 | Group A | Malaysia vs China

March 6 | Group B | FT: Thailand 2-3 Oman
March 7 | Group B | FT: Thailand 1-6 Lebanon 

Our SEA nations (teams) failed to enter  in the semi-finals of this tournament. Thailand lost all their games in Group B. While host Malaysia lost their first three matches.

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