Tuesday, April 11, 2017

⚽️ 2018 AFC Women's Asian Cup Qualifiers

Team Philippines / Photo via AFC
Five Southeast Asian teams competed at the 2018 AFC Women's Asian Cup Qualifiers. These were Philippines in Group A, Thailand in Group C and Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam in Group D. 

Group A matches were held in Tajikistan while Group C matches were held in Palestine. Group D matches on the other hand were played in Vietnam. The top finisher in each group automatically qualify for the AFC Women's Asian Cup 2018 to be held in Jordan.
Thailand was first to secure a place in the Asian Cup 2018 after topping Group C. In  Group A, Philippines also secured a spot in the Asian Cup in Jordan after a draw with Bahrain. Philippines is now second in ranking and still has a remaining game against Jordan who tops group A. Jordan as host of the Asian Cup has automatic spot next year giving the runner up in group A a spot in the Asian Cup.

And lastly to place a spot in the eight-team tournament next year is Vietnam who tops Group D. Vietnam and Myanmar was undefeated until they met in their final game in group D. The luck was with Vietnam scoring 2-0 against the Burmese team.     
Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam are the teams from Southeast Asian that will compete in the 2018 AFC Women's Asian Cup and have a chance to move forward to the FIFA Women's World Cup. 
Below were the schedules and results of our Southeast Asian teams in this competition.
Team Thailand
Group A | April  3 | Philippines 4-0 UAE
Group A | April  5 | Philippines 4-0 Iraq
Group A | April  7 | Philippines 8-0 Tajikistan
Group A | April 10 | Philippines 1-1 Bahrain
Group A | April 12 | Philippines 1-5 Jordan

Group C | April 3 | Thailand 6-0 Palestine
Group C | April 7 | Thailand 1-0 Chinese Taipei

Group D | April 3 | Myanmar 2-0 Iran
Group D | April 3 | Singapore 1-0 Syria
Group D | April 5 | Vietnam 11-0 Syria
Group D | April 5 | Singapore 0-6 Iran
Group D | April 7 | Myanmar 14-0 Syria
Group D | April 7 | Singapore 0-8 Vietnam
Group D | April 9 | Myanmar 6-0 Singapore
Group D | April 9 | Vietnam 6-1 Iran
Group D | April 11 | Vietnam 2-0 Myanmar

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